Building a Solid Foundation... A Work Comp Partnership!

Program Overview

In 1981, the Consolidated Construction Safety Fund of Illinois was established to help safety managed Illinois contractors stabilize workers' compensation costs on a long-term basis. The trust enables participating contractors to pool their excellent loss results and self-insure their workers' compensation exposure.

A board of trustees comprised of executives from participating companies governs the trust to ensure that each company's needs receive the highest priority. The board closely monitors all aspects of the trust.

CCMSI serves as the administrator of the trust, providing claims administration, underwriting, safety consultation and administrative services to members.

Why join CCSFI?

  • Cash flow benefits
  • Monthly self-reporting
  • Savings from favorable loss experience
  • Customized service program
  • Strong incentive to control lossess
  • Long-term strategy
  • 24 hour claim access through iCE - Internet Claims Edge

Contact Information

CCSFI Office
PHONE: 800.252.5059

For general program information, contact:
Deb Reddy, Account Manager
(ext. 1144)
Fax: 217.477.6644

For certificate, payroll audit and coverage questions, contact:
Brittany Woodworth, Underwriter
(ext. 1236)
Fax: 217.477.6789

For claim issue questions, contact:
Janet Reffett, Claim Consultant
(ext. 1314)
Fax: 217.477-6614

For medical bill questions, contact:
Katie Lete, Claim Associate
(ext. 2184)
Fax: 217.477.6492

For premium, audit and retro payment information, contact:
Marlena VanDame, Accounts Receivable
(ext. 1380)
Fax: 217.477.6780

For safety and training issues, contact:
Doug Mahurin, Loss Control Representative
(ext. 1182)
Fax: 217.477.6782